Absolution (latest fiction)

A trully global novel, coursing at high speed from the prep schools of England to the jungles of Burma and the gem dealers of New York. An intricate, highly researched thriller about terrorism and fundamentalism in all their forms.

John F. McDonald

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John is an award-winning writer in many genres – novelist, screenwriter and ghostwriter to name but a few. He was born in Southern Ireland and educated at St. Mary’s Secondary Academy and the London South Bank University. He has been writing professionally for twenty years and has a string of best-sellers, both fiction and non-fiction, to his name.

John’s screenwriting and graphic novel adaptations are multi award-winning and a senior commissioning editor at Simon & Schuster is on record as saying he’s the best ghostwriter she’s ever worked with.

John began his writing career on the stage, with plays produced by the Soho Theatre in London and also by touring companies and translations of his stage work produced in Paris. He went on to write for television and his original dramas for Channel 4 won awards in the 1980s. John progressed to writing novels, memoirs and adapting the works of William Shakespeare to award-winning graphic novel format.

Several of his novels have been adapted for film, with John himself writing the award-winning screenplays. Today, John is a prolific writer in all genres – he also edits and reviews for the New York Journal of Books. He is a member of The Society of Authors, The International Screenwriters Association, The Royal Shakespeare Company and an alumnus of the London South Bank University. He lives close to London with his family.

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“Strong drama in london...vivid, sympathetic characters...well-set scenes...a kind of passive menace” – Soho Theatre.

“[the] impressive triangular relationship is sensitively explored...there is no stereotyping of attitudes and abrupt changes in emotions ring true” – Royal Court.

“McDonald's [work] concisely explores various crises of conscience, while revealing the impenetrable barrier between those powerless to the point of desperation and those too blinkered by privilege to comprehend. A searing antidote to recent bland offerings” – Time Out.

“...interesting and fascinating...” – Yves Bureau, Rue Blanche.

“Spirited, vivid, convincing, imaginative and poetic” – St. Petersburg Times.

“McDonald deserves an award” – comicbits online. “McDonald is an explorer of courage and a writer of immense talent” – The Irish Times.

“McDonald’s prose is rich and thick and magically poetic…” – The Sunday Independent.

“[his] intense prose is refreshing…it’s hard contemporary pace satisfies. A compelling if not unnerving novel…” – The Irish Post.

“McDonald’s insight allows the reader into a different world and is notable as much for its language as for its examination of things past, and things to come” – The Belfast Telegraph.

“McDonald has a distinctive and beguiling way with words …” – Books Ireland.

“…gritty…hard-hitting…cutting edge…” – The Writer’s News.

“…second book from the hugely talented John F McDonald…McDonald makes powerful use of the unspoken…the complete objectivity of his writing has the effect of changing the moral basis for decisions regarding right and wrong” – The Leinster Express.

“The author writes with blood-flecked intensity and narrative talent” – The Mayo News.

“McDonald’s writing is top class and makes putting down his book to get on with life an irritating activity”. – The Irish Post.

“Talking to God is probably as authentic an insight into mental illness as we’re likely to get from an author who appears to be reasonably sane” – Books Ireland.

“…the language is distinct and attractive…McDonald is comparable to Chuck Palahniuk, Anthony Burgess and even William Trevor…reading him is like going out for a drink with a stranger in a foreign country”– Publisher’s Weekly.

“John F McDonald gives readers the greatest compliment, by trusting them to have intelligence and wit. His writing is full of energy, dramatic tension and humour – just like the author himself. I wonder if the patrons of his local pub know that there’s a genius beside them at the bar” – Pat Walsh – US Author, Editor and Critic.